The portrait of the
Hennart House

Hennart: passion, experience and know-how

From father to son

Refiner since 1922

Marcel and Jacques HENNART

The HENNART company, through an approach based on the know-how, technical excellence and passion of its teams, selects, refines, transforms and enhances every day in its cellars, farm and artisanal cheeses, mainly made from raw milk. This allows its customers to sell exceptional products and consumers to taste cheeses with new and exclusive aromas.

Our independence, a fundamental pillar of the company, allows us to maintain our values, guarantee a long-term strategy and ensure our sustainability.

Discover our history
The tradition
of flavors


For four generations, ripening cheesemakers have succeeded one another to give our house its letters of nobility and to amaze your taste buds. Hard, soft or even blue-veined, we provide our customers with characterful cheeses from the terroir of our regions:

  • HENNART exclusives,
  • Mainly farm cheeses made from raw milk,
  • Aged cheeses,
  • Cheeses processed by us.

“Every day, we ensure the conformity of our products. Quality is at the heart of our concerns: traceability , compliance with regulations , etc.”


Present in brands representing good manners and quality, we control our marketing in order to guarantee our customers selective distribution of our range.

The partnership with our customers promotes mutual and transparent development.


for animals
and nature

Animal welfare, using food produced on farms as much as possible and protecting our environment.

All our partner producers share the same value as ours, that of respecting our planet by improving our eco-responsibility day after day.

From local
to international

Our cellars and warehouses are located at the foot of the Carvin slag heaps, in Hauts-de-France. We are proud of our region and are committed to being a key player in our territory.

The HENNART company is also an international SME. Our expertise and know-how are exported. We generate more than 40% of our turnover from exports.

This presence is possible and sustainable thanks to our teams, our mastery of foreign languages and our good knowledge of different markets.