Our business

“Close to our customers, we support you and advise you at each stage.”

Our commercial approach is part of a partnership. Local shops (butcher, grocery store, wine merchant, etc.), creamery, supermarkets. etc. We adapt our offer according to your customer type and your sector of activity.


Advise you in the choice and sale of our cheeses

We use our know-how to make you aware of our products, the care to be provided and the presentation of your department.

Our sales team is available to advise you on:

  • the choice of your products,
  • knowledge of the specificities of each cheese and the sales arguments,
  • the care to be given to the products,
  • the development and implementation of your department,
  • the animation of the department and the offer.

We are recognized for our expertise and the quality of our support and training. Do not hesitate to contact us !


Promote and liven up your cheese department

We are keen to highlight your know-how and promote your department. We support you on:

  • Optimizing your implementation

    We advise you on how to perfect your department, improve the visibility of your products and the general aesthetics of your location.

  • Your strategic communication:

    We have sales support tools to better inform your consumers about our products and our brand. To liven up your department, we are putting in place a commercial action plan (products of the month, special offers, etc.), do not hesitate to contact our team!


Facilitate the choice of your customers

We have redesigned our product communication in order to better advise consumers and seek advice and information.

  • Easier product recognition:

    We have defined 7 color codes specific to each family of products and 3 pictograms to identify the type of milk.

  • Simplified access to information:

    Our labels provide maximum product information that is easy to decode: milk treatment, maturing, type of dough, etc.

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“For 10 years, HENNART has offered us high taste quality and a choice that knows how to delight our customers, including the most gourmet.”

Pierre et Mohammed Wasqu'Halles (FR)

“We are proud of our support from HENNART who we have exclusively sourced our French cheese selection from for over 30 years.”

Mary Valvona & Crolla (EN)

“The Hennart company has a long tradition that we have been working with for 25 years and that needs to be maintained.”

Uwe Savoir-Vivre (DE)