farmhouse and artisanal cheeses with unique and exclusive flavors

The selection of our partners allows us to ensure quality, defense of a terroir as well as compliance with hygiene rules. More than 70 producers support us to offer you a range of farm and artisanal cheeses.

Meeting cheese producers

The historical and family partnerships that we have with our suppliers allow us to offer authentic products. In our range development, we strive to seek out and discover new cheeses to surprise you.

Characterful cheeses from our regions

and bring our cheeses to maturity

In our cellars and roasting rooms, our people provide all the necessary attention to develop the taste and flavors of our cheeses. Our selection allows us to provide products with different visuals, textures and tastes to appeal to our customers.

a specialist story

Since 1922 we have passed down from generation to generation the art of refining and transforming our cheeses.

Giving choice

to clients

The HENNART company personalizes its bill of sale. It guarantees you a selective distribution of its range according to your expectations and the preferences of the end customer: degree of refining, cutting, origin and transformation of the product, delivery, etc.

Transform and surprise

Every day, we work on our products and innovate to create new flavors in order to reveal the taste and personality of each cheese present in our cellars but above all to further surprise our customers.

Our commercial

Our commercial approach is part of a partnership. We support you every step of the way. Local shops (butcher, delicatessen, wine merchant, etc.), street market, creamery, supermarkets, etc. We adapt our offer according to your customer type and your sector of activity.