More than
of history

Year 1922

The company is created by Marcel HENNART
Since 1922, the HENNART company has passed down from generation to generation its family expertise as a cheese refiner.
A father-to-son story since 1922

Year 1976

The company is taken over by Jacques and Marcel HENNART
Building on their father's know-how, the two brothers will develop the maturing of specialties and start a selection of farmhouse and raw milk cheeses.

Year 1980

Beginning of the export
From the beginning of the 1980s, Jacques HENNART went abroad to offer our products. It was Belgium and then Germany that saw him arrive as a pioneer in the sale of raw milk cheeses.

Year 1990

Starting of the ripening of cooked cheeses
The research in quality depends also on the sanitary standards used. The important increase of the sellings convinced the Hennart brothers to construct a new building.
It will be the first in the region Nord-Pas-de-Calais which will respect the european standards.

Year 1993

Arrival of Eric HENNART, the third generation
After 10 years of experience in the cheese world, Eric joined his father and uncle to run the sales department. He took over the management of the company in 2004.

Year 1998

Implementation of a computerised traceability system
The desire to guarantee impeccable traceability will lead the Hennart company to set up order preparation using computerized terminals.

Year 2006

We export to
Today we are proud to export our know-how
and our selection to Germany, England, Austria, Belgium, Scotland, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Year 2015

Strengthening our exclusive selection
Always looking for originality, we continue to expand our exclusive range (Pierre des Burons, Celtic, Tomme de fromage etc.) thanks to historic and new partnerships.

Year 2020

Arrival of Pierre HENNART,
the fourth generation
After studying business, Pierre (Eric's son) joined the HENNART adventure to participate in the company's commercial development in France and internationally.

Year 2022

First centenary of Maison Hennart
Proud of our history and with our teams, we continue to pass on
with passion the love of a product, of a terroir.