quality policy


In order to satisfy our customers, we pay attention to the conformity and quality of our products.”

Our quality guarantees

  • The traceability of our products, from our producers to your store,
  • Compliance with regulations in force: raw milk, labeling, AOP, etc.,
  • The selection and monitoring of our producers: specifications - renewal of the approval file,
  • Carrying out official microbiological checks and weekly self-checks,
  • Implementation and monitoring of the HACCP approach: respect and control of the food safety of products throughout the distribution process,
  • The validation of a veterinary approval renewed since 1980: annual inspection and unannounced inspections),
  • Training of our staff.

“We consider our suppliers to be true partners.”

Our added value: the monitoring and support of our suppliers which guarantees the establishment of a trusted partnership. Our collaboration allows us to sustain our sources of supply and respond to the different demands and needs of our customers.

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“We are a team of enthusiasts in search of innovation, new flavors and exclusivity.”

Our commitment is based on the ability to pass on our skills and renew the passion for our profession. What drives our purchasing-quality department? Find new suppliers, innovate, surprise yourself!

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Available and responsive, our sales team supports you every step of the way.

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“We know our market and master its challenges.”

We listen to our suppliers and our customers. We regularly update our range in order to offer a wide choice of products that can satisfy the needs and consumption habits of our customers whatever their country.
Our approach is geared towards the satisfaction of our customers. Our team is vigilant about the quality, price, packaging and refining of our products as well as our delivery times.