The company is created by Marcel HENNART 


carte professionnelleSince 1922, the knowledge of cheeese ripening of the Hennart company is passed on. 





The company is taken over by Jacques and Marcel HENNART 


reprise de la société

Thanks to the knowledge of their father, the two brothers developed the ripening of specialities and the selection of farmhouse made cheeses and with raw milk.    




Beginning of the export  


Since the beginning of the 80s, Jacques HENNART goes abroad to sell his products. He started in Belgium and then went to Germany where he was the first frenchman selling raw milk cheeses. 


Starting of the ripening of cooked cheeses 


Développement de l'affinage des pâtes dures Aware of his know-how, the company Hennart decided to develop the ripening of cooked cheeses like Comté AOC and Beaufort AOC over 18 months. 




Construction of a new building in Carvin complying with european standards  


Construction d'un nouveau batiment à Carvin

The research in quality depends also on the sanitary standards used. The important increase of the sellings convinced the Hennart brothers to construct a new building.

It will be the first in the region Nord-Pas-de-Calais which will respect the european standards.



Eric HENNART, the third generation, starts in the company


arrivée de la troisième génération  





The HACCP standard is set up



Implementation of a computerised traceability system 


In order to provide and ensure quality and traceability, the Hennart's firm uses for the order preparation a special computerized system.



Starting of our cheese specialities


spécialités fromagères Always searching for new products, Jacques HENNART is creating since 2003 cheeses which are rewashed with alcohol and other ingredients.    




We export to

Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Austria, Scotland, Finland, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands.




Hennart changes its image  


nouveau logo hennartA new logo has been realised to promote our manual job and to sign our cheeses. All our labels become an information and a communication tool with a color code to identify the different types of cheeses.






Hennart's company, with an approach based on know-how, technical excellence and passion of its staff, matures, processes and gives value to the che...

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