Soft cheese with washed rind


Originating from the town of Langres, this Champagne cheese is mature without being reversed regularly, consequently creating a crater on top of the cheese. Whashed with the Marc de Champagne added brine, its aroma is colourful and tangy.


Traditionally circled with five strips of sedge, the 'Colonel' is artisan-made in the Calvados. Its rinds naturally turns red after regular washings and brussings. Its texture develops an exquisite pungent flavour.


After several months' ripening, the Maroilles shows its real characterdeveloping its smoothness and rich aroma reflecting the spirit of the region.


Artisan made in the aera of origin, the numerous washings and brushings the cheese undergoes provides it with an orangey to brownish rind. Its taste is pleasantly pungent.


Typical tangy cheese, dating back to the previous milleneum. Its smooth and generous texture develops to a full aroma during the ripening period.


Proposed by Eric Hennart in 3 size : 500gr, 700gr or 3 kg, it was called for a long time « cheese hood » or « cheese cream ». From raw milk, surrounded with epicea strap, its smoothness will keep hot your winter dishes.