The quality is one of our goal.


politique qualité une préoccupation


The observance of the regulations in force (raw milk, labelling «AOP» protected designation (PDO), renewal of the agreement, HACCP-approach (respect and control of the food safety of the products throughout the distribution chain), Hennart ensures each day the compliance of its products to satisfy its customers.

We guarantee :
  • Personnal formation
  • Traceability of our cheeses, from our suppliers to your shop.
  • A selection and following of our suppliers (requirements)
  • Officials microbiological analysis and analysis every weeks by Hennart.
  • A veterinarian agreement renewed since 1980 (annual controls and unexpected controls).

The men , the added value of ripening

The quality and know-how of Hennart is based on its ability to transmit its knowledge and renew the passion of its job.

Our purchasing and quality service plans, acts, checks... each day in order to offer our customers ever more innovative, tastier and exclusive products.

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Partnership with our suppliers


la société hennart

The follow-up of our suppliers, their support and a close partnership are really an added value, which maintain a secured source of supply and reply to the needs of our customers.


Market knowledge

The quality and purchasing service analyses regularly the market trend to improve its performance and reply precisely to the customers requests.
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Price positioning, optimum quality, packaging solutions, respect of maturity degrees, delivery delays... our work is to meet our customers requests and the final customer wish.




Hennart's company, with an approach based on know-how, technical excellence and passion of its staff, matures, processes and gives value to the che...

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