OUR JOB : maturation of Hennart’s cheeses


The ripening is the core of Hennart's business



The ripening is the core of Hennart's business. In our caves and ripening rooms, our men are taking care daily of our cheeses, by washing, brushing and turning over the cheeses while they are maturing in the cellars in order to develop their taste and flavours.

A careful selection allows customers to choose the maturity stage of the cheese.





Maturation, a specialist's history.

Our family know how since 1922 in maturation and transformation of cheeses, gives us the possibility to suggest  our customers different stages of maturation for the same cheeses with a lot of aroma and taste.



   les caves Hennart      les caves Hennart

   HENNART's cellars

   (on the left : tomme and Pyrénées cheeses in maturation ; on the right : Beaufort)


   l'équipe Hennart prends soin des fromages      l'équipe Hennart prends soin des fromages

   Visit of one of our English customer with our selling team.



   We provide the best care and the best attention, in order to suggest you cheeses with
   a real character.


      Sainte Maure à différents stades d'affinage
    Sainte Maure in different stades of maturation.



Hennart's company, with an approach based on know-how, technical excellence and passion of its staff, matures, processes and gives value to the che...

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