OUR JOB : to advise you in your choice and sells of Hennart’s cheeses


Passionned and commited professionals


accueil d'un client par Sébastien LABOURE


Our sales consultants are professionals who listen to you, advise you and help you in the product choice and the showcasing of the products in the shop or at the cheese's counter.


Hennart is known for its high quality trainings, which justifie its expertise and its ability to transmit its knowledge.


Help to discover exceptional products

Since 1922, there have been many cheese « affineur ».At Hennart, developing and strenghtening our notoriety and enabling us to charm your palate. Hard cheeses, soft rind cheeses or blue cheeses, we will always be able to satisfied your expectations at any season or to choose which one will accompany the best your favorite wine.

produits exclusifs Hennart

  Hennart’s exclusivities from the bloomy family cheese.        

 produits exclusifs Hennart  

  Cheeses from Hennart’s range served on a board.   


Charing knowledges to others

Our sales advisers are all real professionals at the cheese counter and provide customer support when visiting them :

  • about product knowledges
  • about the evolution of your sellings,
  • advise you on the disposal of the cheese in the counter,
  • advise you on the cares that are necessary for every cheese,
  • on the commercial actions that can be made.  
conseil sur la mise en avant des produits
 conseil sur la mise en avant des produits  

    Sebastien LABOURE, our sales manager , assist a client (customer) to organise
    its shelves.

conseil sur la mise en avant des produits
conseil sur la mise en avant des produits
    New labels, new packaging



Hennart's company, with an approach based on know-how, technical excellence and passion of its staff, matures, processes and gives value to the che...

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