To provide you some tools to help you to sell Hennart’s cheeses

Convinced of the great importance of bringing information devoted to consumers, our sales tools (pos materials, poster, twister, peak product...) will help you to give full promotional information on our products and our brand.

simulation outils dans un rayon
To help you in your approach, consult  product specifications in the menu "OUR CHEESES".


Simplify the access to information

Our strategy is to enhance the value of our products and bring to our customers all the relevant information they need, in order to advise their own customers and guide them in their act of purchase. It has led us to rethink our product communication.

Our labels are now designed to give a real teaching based on a common sense approach which is easy to comprehend and memorize.
explication des étiquettes

To make recognition of cheese products easier

In order to make the recognition of the products on the cheesecounter easier and to help our clients to work out and install their range, we defined 7 colour codes specific to each cheese family and 3 pictograms describing each type of milk.


codes couleurs et pictogrammes





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